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Author: DJ Temple

Chord Family #2

The follow up video in my 3 part series is ready! This video continues on my talks about basic chords and using them to learn rad things! This time I introduce “Chord Family #2” which is my take on the more complicated names, but they’re

Chord Family #1

I love to teach the foundation of basic chords! It’s super awesome when I get the chance to see that light bulb go off with someone and they get that smile of accomplishment on their face. I could live off that feeling for months! Recently,

Riffs in Drop D Tuning

Some of my favourite things to do on guitar is just jam around playing some fun riffs or sections from songs that are really rad to me. Of course this is totally subjective, but man is it fun as hell! This particular tuning is “Drop

The Art of Picking

Picking is a very rad thing but also so very very diverse.  There is an entire world of information on so many different aspects or concepts and an equally vast number of techniques.  Let alone the variations and evolutions throughout the years as styles and

Extreme Music Lessons

This is a fantastic platform to discuss just exactly why I started using the term, “Extreme Music Lessons” and what it actually means. The title was my attempt at showing the world that music lessons are unreal and amazing and most importantly, open to everyone! 

Finding Inspiration

The most in-depth and powerful topic among the musician world is easily that of inspiration.  Where and how do we tap into it or draw it from?  The beautiful answer is the most simple and still the most honest: everywhere. One of the best pieces

Practice Routine

One of the things that was difficult for me was deciding exactly what to practice and how often. The reality is that it’s very simple to practice if you can develop a routine geared towards the type of practicing you’re doing.  When you are attempting to

Practice Time

Probably the most common question I get from any student or parent is, “How much should I practice”.  I feel the need to be honest with you here and state the obvious, “However much you want”. The rate of your “improvement” (and i use this

I Suck At Guitar

With the level of insecurity and self-deprecation in this statement, you may want to just hang a neon sign around your neck that has the same encouraging word collection (Sarcasm). Honestly, I think it’s better to state the obvious. The statement should be, “Somebody once

Quality? Or Quantity?

Teaching an instrument is an interesting thing. On one hand we get the opportunity to pass on a life experience and set of skills that was forged from passion. While on the other hand we get the chance to impart knowledge to a world that’s