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Donations for the Abbotsford Disaster Relief Fund

The floods across the province have been devastating so the very least. But none have affected us more than in the city of Abbotsford where the Academy is.

We have watched our friends lose their family homes and generations of memories. Entire farms are being wiped out in an unforgiving way.  But you Templars are unreal in your support.

We have set up this donation page and all proceeds will go to the Abbotsford Disaster Relief Fund.  As if that wasn’t enough, an anonymous friend of the Academy has come forward with the following offer:

“I will match each and every donation to the Academy up to a total of $5000”.

This means they will add up all the donations and match them up to a grand total of $5000.  How unbelievable is that!?  We are affecting real change in this world right now, friends.  I am so grateful to know all of you.