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Music Lessons

Extreme Music Lessons for all ages & skill levels.

A staple, a classic but a modern method and a crazy good time.

Learn Guitar & Bass

Chords, scales, notes and tunes! Come see what so many people have discovered about our Guitar Programs: They rule.

Our guitar program was the flag ship program that built our entire school. Come see how it has evolved and modernized while giving way to some of the most excited students around.


Voice check. Let’s get awesome.

Learn to sing

No need to toss your dreams of stardom aside. Our vocal programs will find that inner rockstar and crack the shell of insecurity. Combined with a multitude of examples, exercises and piece dissection, our vocal program will have you dominating your karaoke night with ease.

Class and prestige and we still make it fun!

Learn Violin

One of the most recognizable classical instruments, brought to you with a passion and happiness that will shatter any stereotype. Our violin program is rooted in classical training but modified for the modern student. Fun, exciting and rewarding is what this beautiful instrument is all about.


Innovation, inspiration. Let’s hit stuff!

Learn Drums

Stick tricks aside, this instrument is a beast of fun all wrapped with a bow of satisfaction. Come see what it’s like to learn the centre of time and rudiments of rhythm. At the very least, learn how to annoy your neighbours efficiently!

Tired cliches are a thing of the past. Come see the new way to learn a classic!

Learn to play piano

A fresh take on a classic concept. Our piano program is no cliched tale of rulers and dominance. See what others have noticed and flocked to in droves; we’re showing the best way to learn this fantastic instrument. A cornerstone to any musical education.



Online All The Time. Log in and log on.

Learn to play music online

The cornerstone of our programs and system almost as much as our guitar program. We were the original innovators of teaching online on a regular basis. Log in today to see just what made us that popular and remove the worry of distance or time zones.