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Extreme Music Lessons for all ages & skill levels.

Our Team

Get to know the Temple Music Academy


04 - DJ Temple

DJ Temple

Owner / Head Guitar Instructor

Founder of our school and head of the instructor program.
Come learn with DJ and just try to keep up with his energy!


Janelle Temple

Program Director

Janelle is our programs director and is responsible for all of our events. From internal to external, Janelle is the best organizer and messaging person there is!

01 - Julia Dodd

Nadia Dodd

Violin and piano instructor

Nadia heads our Classical Music Department and started it all with a chance meeting at berry festival! Come learn violin and piano with one of the happiest and most encouraging teachers out there.

03 - Matt Helie

Matt Helie

Drum instructor

Matt heads up our drum program and brings a relaxed and positive vibe to every lesson. Come and see why Matt is quickly becoming the best known secret around.


Katherine Bastow

Voice Instructor

Katherine comes to us with a fantastic background in not only singing, but voice training and therapy as well!


Alex Friis

Extreme Vocals Instructor

Alex approaches each lesson with the intent to help you form and shape your screams, breath, power and ambience with passion as the main critique.  Students of Alex can expect to learn diversity and skillsets in: Hardcore screams, tunnel throat, vocal fry, false chord and the epic classic of voice distortion.


Judah Epp

Junior Instructor

Judah is the first graduate of our “Future Teachers Program”. He has worked diligently at not only his musical ability, but his teaching skills as well. Come hang with Judah and learn about all things Power Metal and beyond!


Lleroy the galaxy shred Llama


Lleroy is our ambassador of galaxy shred concerns. He handles the majority of coolness factors and welcomes any and all pictures. In fact, he’s usually upset if you don’t take one.

The Story Behind the Llamas

Meet Lleroy the Llama

Ever wonder why there are llamas all over our academy? Check out this video to see why!


“Sometime around the year 2000 I got the chance to see my favorite band live and I instantly knew what I wanted to do with my life. Everything else has been a precursor to what I desperately needed in my life; music.”

DJ Temple, Owner & Head Guitar Instructor
A commitment to our students


Dayna Algra

Temple Music Academy constantly goes above and beyond for their students. The talent they have with instructing is nothing less than incredible. They have a way of teaching that is clear and encouraging. Temple Music Academy is such a positive, respectful and fun environment. I am so grateful to Temple Music for creating this space.

David Barbour

I am amazed at how quickly my guitar skills improved after starting lessons with DJ and at how quickly I am now able to learn new songs. DJ has a talent for understanding his student’s skill level and pushing them to play at a level beyond what they think they are capable of.

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